Hair Dusting, it’s the Secret to Healthier, Longer Hair

With the blond trend taking Lebanon by storm, our hair color might look great but our hair is probably screaming out for help. Masks and pre-shampoo treatments may make it feel a little better, but as we all know very well, you can’t really fix split or fried ends; you have to cut ’em off before they get worse. So, what’s one to do when you need to lose the dead, fried, split weight, but aren’t looking to go much shorter? Enter: Hair dusting.

What is Hair Dusting?

Hair dusting is a technique in which you don’t get rid of any hair length, but only the damaged hair tips. It’s like snipping the very bottom of each bad hair strand. It’s time consuming, yes, but it works and it has been done for ages. Some cultures even use different techniques, like fire or razors.

Here’s what your stylist needs to know

LA stylist Sal Salcedo does this to most of his clients, which is why every look he shares on Instagram is so damn enviable. To achieve healthier hair, without going shorter, ask your hairstylist for a “dusting — not a trim!”

Salcedo says the technique works on any hair type or texture — but you do need to smooth the hair out to see the damaged ends that should be removed. And no, it won’t thin the hair — quite the opposite. It actually stops the damage by removing it, so you won’t have split ends creeping up your strands. That said, make sure you go to a stylist that knows what they’re doing — the dusting should be very minimal.

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