Hairdos that make you look older!

A long fringe

A too-heavy fringe closes off your face and makes your eyes look smaller. Instead, choose a more broken up, feathery fringe that lets your pretty face show.

A scary frizz

Unkempt texture can give you a frazzled appearance. If your hair is naturally curly, make sure it’s getting enough moisturizing to stay in shiny, healthy condition.


You don’t want to look like a ‘tante’, so don’t even try to pull off a style that’s too done up. The stiffness and vintage feel can add years to your look. For a more youthful updo, tone down the volume and let a few loose pieces and flyaways soften the look.

Too straight

If you have a baby face, you may be able to get away with it, but flat-ironed hair can look too harsh on a more mature face (or even on young women with angular bone structure). Waves, on the other hand, add a flattering softness to the features.

A dark color

Dyed black hair can look fake and emphasize skin’s ashen tones (our complexions get yellower with age, which is why blush is so helpful in creating a fresh-faced look). Depending on your skin tone, a deep mahogany brown might be more flattering.

Too light!

On the other hand, overbleached hair washes out your complexion, and it damages your hair. And nothing’s more aging than dried out split ends.

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