As Lebanese Parliament is debated over policy statement, heavy protests are going on all around downtown, with clashes between protesters and ISF and army forces in various locations, as they are trying to prevent them from reaching the Parliament.

If parts of the wall erected by the government last night were torn down by protesters, ISF and army forces being heavily deployed downtown, are still holding grounds. Tear gas were fired on protesters in several locations, as well as water canon, and over 200 were injured.

Despite several members of Parliament missing, and despite failing to secure a quorum (the minimum number of members required to be present in order to make a meeting valid), Berri launched the session over the new government’s policy statement.

Besides the hundreds of protesters, some politicians have called the session a “violation of the Lebanese Constitution”. Now, many are wondering how holding the session without a quorum, seen as unconstitutional, will manage to gain the confidence of the people.

At DAY 118, Lebanon is going through its worst crisis in decades, amidst a worsening economy and social unrest.

Protesters trying to tear down the erected wall – France24



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