Hats off or on?

There are three types of women: There are the die-hard hat women who will try any style, the ones who will wear a hat when the weather calls for it, and those who refuse them completely. For those who fall in the last category, there’s good news and bad. The bad news is that hats are unavoidably in vogue this winter. The good news is that you have a ton of choice.


Of course, we can always rely on the default beanie. They have been back on the fashion map for several seasons now, but instead of the veiled styles that dominated the street style scene back in 2014, look for natty striped iterations or opt for a sweet pastel hue.


Berets are a favorite hat style among the fashion crowd, mainly because of their chic French look. There are more exciting looks in town, but you can never go wrong with a plain woolen style.

The fedora

Then there’s the fedora. The key to making this hat work is by wearing it with wardrobe classics; think checked over-coats, straight-leg jeans and loafers. Anything fussy just won’t look right.

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