Hawaiian Airlines flight returns to LA three times for three separate issues

Apparently, the third time is not a charm.

A Maui-bound Hawaiian Airlines flight had to return to Los Angeles International Airport three different times over the weekend before finally getting canceled, in what was surely not the “Aloha” more than 200 paradise-seeking passengers were expecting.

Spokesman Alex Da Silva told The Associated Press that Flight 33 took off for Maui’s Kahului Airport twice Saturday before turning back and landing at LAX. The aircraft prepared to depart from the gate a third time before coming back. Silva noted that the plane had to return each time because of “separate and unrelated faults with different systems.” He didn’t mention which issues plagued the plane, but added that the overseas flight requires more safety precautions because of its distance and “extended-range operation” categorization.

The inconvenienced passengers were assigned to different flights and given hotel rooms.
Contributing: The Associated Press

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