How Often Should You Trim Your Hair?

In the case of “I would like long and healthy hair” the verdict almost always includes “get regular trims”. How often does that mean? How long should the trim be? Does it actually help with healthy hair growth and split ends? Let’s answer those questions today!


  • Split ends are inevitable, whether you have long or short hair, straight or curly, it’s going to happen. Regular trims help keep the split ends at bay.


  • It’s very important for those with fine hair to get regular hair trims, more than those with other hair types because once there’s a split end it continues to trip upwards, so the sooner you cut it, the better. According to professionals, you need to head to the salon every five weeks.


  • For those with wavy hair (some ‘body’ but no bouncy curls), you’re advised to visit your hairdresser every six weeks. With that said, you must step away from the hair straightener and curlers!


  • For those with really curly hair, there is no definite formula. The more there are split ends, the more they tend to knot into each other. Curly hair is already tough to control, you don’t want to add the issue of more knots into the mix. When should you get a trim? It depends on your hair, listen to it, it can be every six weeks or every eight weeks, once things get too knotty… it usually means it’s time to head to the professionals.


  • If you have color-treated hair it’s not just important to have regular trims (once every seven weeks), but it’s also important to have a bi-weekly hair mask in order to ensure shiny and healthy hair.
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