How to Achieve Priyanka Chopra’s Wedding Look – Classic and chic!

Priyanka Chopra’s royal wedding look was truly flawless! The Indian actress glowed at the reception, and her hair was a classy contributor to the overall look…

Similar to her royal friend, Priyanka opted for a classic low bun for her wedding look, subtly pinned to perfection under her statement hat.

To create this tighter bun, you must make a few small adjustments:

Step 1:

Leave your hair sleek and straight instead of adding curls. Use a shine serum on each section and run the straighteners over any stray locks. Sectioning clips on each side will make sure the front of your hair stays smooth while you’re styling the back.

Step 2:

When creating the low ponytail, pull it tighter underneath the base to ensure it stays in place. To experiment further, create two low ponytails and knot the two together like shoelaces, repeating this motion twice. This will create a tighter bun with a more unique shape, using the hair itself.

Step 3:

To ensure your final look is neat and pinned to perfection, hide your ends underneath the double knot and secure them to your head, ensuring any fly-aways are captured. Spritz and spray with a stronger hairspray this time, to firmly hold this chic twist.

Step 4:

Optional: add a statement hat, depending on the occasion. The best thing about this look is it is multi-purposeful. Try it for work with heels, the local restaurant with jeans and a tee, or even a wedding with your finest dress, fascinator and royal smile.

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