How to Figure Out If You Have Warm-Toned or Cool-Toned Skin?

If you’re a makeup wearer, then you’ve definitely come across the terms “warm-toned”, “cool-toned”, and “neutral” before, and although the terms themselves seem pretty straight forward in describing skin types, it’s actually pretty confusing to figure out where your own skin lies. It’s important to know what you are so that you can purchase and apply the right shades and colors that will compliment your skin tone.

Here’s how to figure out which category you’re in!

The Handkerchief Test:

Grab a white handkerchief or tissue and hold it next to your makeup-free face and look in the mirror. If your skin looks yellow or gold, you’re warm-toned, if it looks more pink or blue, you are cool-toned, and if the results are mixed, you may be categorized as neutral.

Always inspect under natural light:

Artificial lighting can play tricks on your, so when you’re getting your skin tested (whether at home or by a professional) always make sure that there’s natural light involved.

The Metallics test:

When it comes to jewelry, do you look better in gold or silver? If the answer is gold, you are more likely to have warm undertones, whether as if the answer is silver, you most probably have pink or cool undertones. If you look awesome in both, then you have a neutral skin tone.



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