Summer is well here, and it is getting hotter by the day, and lockdown restrictions having been lifted, many of us can’t wait to head to the pool or the beach, to cool down and have a bit of summer fun. But who wants to bring home the coronavirus ? Read on to find out how to have fun without fear, as long as you observe social distancing measures and make sure to take a few precautions. Here is advice for a sunny, splashy, yet safe, summer.


Keep at least 3 feet of distance between you and other people, more if possible.

Wear a cloth mask over your mouth and nose (yes, you should, even at the beach…), as you may be an asymptomatic carrier.

Wash your hands frequently, at least 20 seconds, with soap, and repeat when you come back home from the beach/pool.

Do no go to any public place if you feel sick or have been in contact with someone who might be infected.


If the risk of infection is thought to be lower outdoors, where the wind can blow the virus away, there is still risk in recreation.

Before going to a pool/beach, find out about their safety protocol: do they have a restricted number of people who have access at one time ? How often do they disinfect their premises?

Come prepared. Shared chairs, toys, ladders etc. may not be disinfected between visitors rotations. Bring your own disinfectant and wipe clean your seat before using it. Bring a mask to wear while out of the water.


As far as known so far, Coronavirus is not likely to spread in water. Disinfecting chemicals such as chlorine and bromine can inactivate the virus in the water. However, it is unknown how long the virus takes to inactivate.

Also, the same does not apply for saltwater or freshwater, and there is still a lot we don’t know in this regard, so the safest thing to do is to maintain ample distance from others.

DO NO WEAR A MASK IN THE WATER. It can obstruct breathing and be dangerous.

KEEP YOUR DISTANCE. People spread the virus, so don’t swim close to anyone.

PRACTICE GOOD HYGIENE. Do not blow your nose or spit in the water, this is exactly how the disease can be spread ! If needed, exit the water and use a tissue to cough or sneeze, then discard and wash your hands.


Yes, you can enjoy the outdoors this summer, as long as you stay away from others. Lounging and tanning won’t harm you. Keep aware of your surroundings, and know when a place becomes too crowded to stay. Indeed, everyone is going to want to beat the heat and go to places with water. When is place gets too crowded, it may be best to leave.


We are still unsure if the virus will weaken in the summer but some experiment have shown that UV light and bleach may kill coronavirus on a surface. Still, do not take any chance, so keep up with the hygiene and social distance. And even if you’re wearing a mask, don’t forget your sunscreen.

Remember, if you are vulnerable, it is better to stay home. Older adults, people with chronic respiratory conditions or any type of underlying conditions should avoid public places, no matter what.

And if you hit the outdoors, impose yourself a limit in time. Indeed, the length of exposure to another person also heightens your risk of infection.

Keep your circle small. You should never be around more than 10 people. But that works as long as those 10 people also respect the rule, and do not extend into other circles and groups…

Oh, and don’t forget to wash everything at a high temperature once you are back from the beach.

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