How to Travel the World for Free

When people say I can’t afford to travel, I think they have to try to be more adventurous. There are many ways to travel on a budget, but today, read below to discover ways which you can travel for absolutely nothing!

1. Get Free Flights!
There are so many ways to earn free flights these days. Sign up for a few travel credit cards, collect miles, and then fly for free. Most cards offer sign-up bonuses of thousands of points. By collecting points and miles through credit card bonuses and smart everyday spending, you’ll save a ton of miles even before you’ve left for your trip.

2. Stay for Free
There are many services that connect travelers with locals who are willing to let them stay with them for free. Using these sites, you will never have to pay for accommodation. There’s a site called Couchsurfing. You get to meet great people. Sometimes you get a room, sometimes a couch, sometimes an air mattress, but it’s always free.
Moreover, because of the rise of the sharing economy in the last few years, there are now websites that let you not only stay with locals but share rides, meals, train tickets, gear, and much more! These websites can save you a lot of money. Here is a list of websites to use for free accommodation:                                                                                 

3. Take Free Walking Tours
Want to learn about the city and see the major sights? Take a free walking tour. You can find them in 90% of the major cities in Europe, and there are also a few in large Asian cities, South America, New York, Australia and New Zealand. To find these tours, ask the local tourist office or just go to your friend Google, type “free walking tour (city name)” and voila! Just be sure to tip at the end!

4. House sitting
Some people go on vacation and want someone to watch their place while they are away!You can sign up for one of the sites below and watch people’s homes (and often their pets) for free, allowing you to stay in one destination for a while without having to pay for accommodation. Everyone’s account is verified so you know you won’t get cheated. Here are the best house-sitting websites to check out:

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