In the footsteps of Amal Clooney

Do you want to look like a million dollars all of the time? There;s no better way than to follow in the footsteps of Amal Clooney! Here’s how she does it, flawlessly, every time; Stock up on wrap dresses:

It’s one of the most universally figure-flattering silhouettes and it’ll never go out of style. So we suggest grabbing one in black, one in gay and in a standout color.

Add bold prints:

Upgrade classic silhouettes – like a pencil skirt with bold prints. Follow Clooney’s lead and stick to a darker color palette that feels on-season for fall.

Find a carry-everything bag :

Amal Clooney’s work style always includes a large bag that can hold all of her essentials. Not a bad idea!

Skip the button-down blouses:

Stop relying so much on those button-down blouses. A soft turtleneck will also work wonders underneath that pinstripe suit.

Re-think your go-to shoes:

You already know those black pumps will match everything in your closet, but don’t forget that a great pair of python print heels are just as versatile.

Add a pop of color :

Black and whites are always a no-brainer. But don’t forget to add an exciting touch with a hint of color. You can tie a skinny scarf around your neck to easily copy one of Clooney’s looks.

Don’t be afraid to match :

Forget that old rule that says matchy matchy is a bad thing. A coordinated suit makes getting dressed that much easier. Plus, you can always mix and match a perfect tweed skirt.

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