Innovation – Géto Suprême

It all began five years ago with a trip to Japan and the yearning to discover Okinawa, the timeless region characterized by the extraordinary longevity of its inhabitants.

At the heart of the beauty rituals and eating habits of the people of Okinawa is Géto, an extraordinary plant that holds the secret to their long life. Cinq Mondes Laboratories carried out research studies into this miracle of nature, which exceeded all our expectations and revealed its incredible cell regeneration properties.

An exceptional anti-aging cream has been created: a treatment that draws its effectiveness from Okinawa’s remarkable pharmacopeia to prevent and correct all signs of aging. Géto Suprême The Cream has ushered in a pioneering ritual that is faithful to our Natural Laboratory Guidelines and Cinq Mondes’ spirit of innovation and research.


Exceptional results and proven effect:

Géto, the miraculous plant*:

+53% collagen from week 1, for a dermal restructuring effect

Géto Suprême, the exceptional skincare treatment**:

86% of women found their skin was more regenerated after 28 days’ use.

*Study carried out on aged skin explants with daily application of Organic Géto extract over a period of 1 week

**User trial, 22 women, results after 28 days

Available for order at G spa: Contents: 50 mL / Price: 300$ /

Contact G spa Achrafieh 01- 210220


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