In short, yes. Scrolling for love has replaced swiping for love: no more swipe right, just drop your Insta-crush a DM. New romances are conceived in the inbox, and cheesy pick-up lines have become “I like your content messages. With Instagram, we flirt with people whose interests look like our own or appeal to us. And we show them in the comment section. So yes, Instagram has become the new Tinder!



Dating apps are over. They’re a waste of time, if you’re looking for something serious. Look at it this way: Admitting you met someone on Tinder is embarrassing, while saying “We met on Instagram” is just hip. You’re living with your time. I should know, my last long-lasting relationship, I met on Instagram. To be specific, it was the casual case of “I follow you, you follow me back”. Until one day, he commented on one of my stories. The perfect foreplay before DM, if you will… Better than scrolling Tinder like a hopeless case. Kind of like a modern-day  “You’ve got mail”. Totally acceptable, right ?! Hashtag CoolRomance.


Why are so many turning to Instagram as a valuable dating resource ? There might be a convenience factor, here. With the time we spend on social media platforms, lurking at other people’s lives and interests, we feel we get to know them, and we are bound to begin building relationships of some sort with them. Even better if your social media account becomes a platform where all your worlds – love, business, creativity, interests – conveniently meet.

Indeed, spending so much time engaging and interacting with like-minded followers creates a connection. Digital at first, but that could most certainly turn real after a while. Instagram is the one place people will turn to, to find out what your “essence” is. How would you feel if daily, you’d be connected with a stranger, following their every move, loving the way they deliver a certain message, relating to their life purposes and passions ? Attracted to them. Next thing you know, you guys might become the next #PowerCouple that everybody is envious of. You could even end up combining empires, co-create a brand and share your followers ! It as happened before.


Well, tell yourself that one great post at a time, using your words and talents, you could quickly become napalm for someone just one DM away. Hence creating first a series of reactions in the comments section: “I just love what you wrote!”, “You’re hilarious”, “I am such a fan of your work!”, “I love your style”, “You’re such a talented photographer”… All comments being the precursors for love that might begin in the inbox. If they acknowledge your existence and respond to your comments, you could quickly upgrade to texting, and maybe even a phone call. And who knows, they might end up being “the one”.


Unfortunately, Instagram is not all roses and romance. Sometimes, it is the painful reminder of what is gone. Again, I know what I am talking about. After a breakup, the temptation of digitally crazy-stalking someone is high. And some people will go to unbelievable extents for their exes not to find out they’re looking at their video stories. Like use friends’ accounts, or even create fake new accounts.

Why look, though ? If someone decided to delete you from their life, make a statement and show them you don’t want to keep up with their life either. That gives you power. Here is a final lesson: Yes, Instagram is a window to a whole new world. But it is also a façade. Don’t be fooled by all the beautiful, happy people.


  • Pause before posting: Now that your feed basically as a first impression, it is time to consider the kind of content you’re putting out there. You’re looking for “the one” after all, not a one-night stand !
  • Game up your caption: Never before have so few words meant so much, so whatever you’re writing, be sure to give it a good edit. Nothing will kill a digital romance quicker than grammatical errors…
  • Play the “truth is in the story” game: Stories created a whole new potential dating pool waiting to be amazed by your un-curated content.
  • For heaven’s sake, double-tap that post ! You want to get attention? Start by giving attention.
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