As Lebanon is on the verge of collapse, many believe that the country needs a complete change of governance, and to those, collapse is the only solution to make way for change. But if indeed, it is high time we got rid of the decades-old corrupt regime, the collateral damages in this collapse of the country are gigantic. The people of Lebanon are increasingly hungry, they have no purchasing power anymore, the US dollar having reached 10,000 LBP, and whatever little savings they have in their bank accounts, they have no access to. Yet, not many of us are going down the streets lately. Why is that so ?


Revolution is an art. If you look at History, any revolution without leadership and well-thought agenda cannot reach anywhere. It is to naive to think the opposite. Revolution must be seen as a “project”, requiring certain things to be successful. The start of it all must be popular resentment of the government and a desire for change. Which is definitely there, in our case, though we should not forget that till now, half of the country still believes that it’s fine the way things are. Another rule for a revolution to be successful is that a new revolutionary government must be put in place, but exempt of those who helped it succeed, ironically. Why? Simply because rebels are successful at rebelling, but they are bad governors. Something that we seem to forget, in this part of the world. Another issue we seem to forget is that nothing can be accomplished by masses without a leader. Otherwise, it is just chaos, “fauda”. And “fauda” is exactly what we need to get out of. In Lebanon, the absence of clear leadership has led things to go into an incontrollable spin. And it is leading us nowhere.


Dissatisfaction with the ruling elite is real and legitimate, in Lebanon. Yet, as long as the people don’t realize the fact that solid leadership is needed to succeed, this revolution is just an abstract concept that will basically result in casualties and repression, and not results for the country and its people. Because it becomes aimless and random. A leader is half of the revolution itself. The cause alone cannot reach. There has to be a charismatic face that provides direction to the masses, and helps set an agenda of actions and objectives to reach. In our case, it seems that there has been a fear of designing a leader. And the last few weeks have shown a revolution that is running out of steam. Many have left the movement. And when asked why, they all respond the same: “Where is this going? There is just chaos, but there are no solutions offered by anyone within the uprisings. We can bring down the regime, but then what? No one is addressing that issue.” Unlike what some have tried to voice lately by invoking “freedom”, damaging the leadership culture simply kills the possibility of true reform. So where do we stand ?

Sources: MiddleEastMonitor; AlArabiya; TheLeaderlessRevolution by Carne Cross; TheArabWeekly
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