Is this your first time?

So it’s going to be your first time, and it’s completely natural to be feeling a little nervous before getting in between the sheets with someone else. Below are a few tips that can make a difference between a really amazing experience, and a situation that can feel awkard and uncomfortable.

1- Let it always be for the right reasons.

Are you ready? Is it something you really want to do, or are you feeling pressured into it? If you are in a relationship, it’s very important that you talk to your partner. It’s also equally important to know that you can change your mind.

2- Let it be with someone you care about and who cares for you too.

Cheesy, yes, but love is the most important factor. All ow your first time to be with someone you truly care about and love and you are 100% sure that your partner feels exactly the same way, You don’t want a one night stand, you want the fairytale.

3- Stay relaxed.

To oversome the nerves you may feel because you’re unsure of how it’s going to happen or feel, don’t go in with high expectations. Don’t expect it to be a bad experience, but at the same time, don’t think it’s going to be as fantastic and romantic as the movies.

4- Kissing is important.

Whether it’s the first time or not, kissing is always important before sex. Women like kissing more than men do, but it is a great compatibility test.

5- Have a full bladder.

Funnily enough, have a full bladder (or at least half full). Peeing after sex minimizes the risk of a bladder infection.

6- Dress nice.

Wear something that makes you feel confident. It may just be what you need to set the mood for the big event.

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