Japanese Beauty Ritual: It Only Takes 2 Minutes

Add two minutes to your beauty ritual every morning and night, and the technique will help you look and feel you best. Perhaps the Japanese have the secret! Japanese facial massage has been proven to de-puff your skin and enhance blood circulation. There are many ways to perform facial massages, but the key is to always move upward and outward, from the center of the face.


In Japanese, asayake means ‘morning glow’. This type of massage calls for the palms to be chilled with cold water to tighten and awaken the skin. Repeat each step below five times. Step One: Apply moisturizer onto your hands to allow them to glide on the skin. Step Two: Gently massage your hands up along your neck. Step Three: Move upward from the center of your chin along the jawbone, applying light pressure. Step Four: Lay your fingers against your nose and move outward along the orbital bone. Step Five: Place your fingers above your eyebrows and glide upward toward the hairline.


Now for the ‘evening glow’, which releases tension and detoxifies through lymphatic drainage, first rub your hands together to warm them. Then repeat each step below five times.

Step One: Begin with your fingers just above the hairline and move away from the forehead in a back-and-forth motion on the scalp.

Step Two: Apply moisturizer onto your hands. Press your fingers above the inner corner of the eyebrows and slide outward along the brow, stopping in front of the ears.

Step Three: Press your forefingers and middle fingers at the base of the nose and move outward along cheekbones.

Step Four: Place your fingers behind your ears and draw down along the jaw and neck to the collarbone. This is the only downward motion you’ll use, to encourage lymphatic drainage massage.

Easy? Great! Now get massaging!

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