KHALDEH SHOOTING: Will there be a “before” and an “after”?

A man was shot and killed last night after protesters attempted to block a main highway in Khaldeh, south of Beirut. Alaa Abou Fakher, a member of the Choueifat Municipality, succumbed to gunshot wounds at the hospital. The soldier who shot Abou Fakher was arrested, according to an Army official statement.

Earlier, protesters had poured into the streets, closing roads around Lebanon after President Aoun stated in a televised interview that there could be further delays before a new government is formed.

Videos circulated across social media showed a man lying in a pool of blood, and all I can think about is, if things keep going, we are walking right into chaos. The incident was sure to inflame tensions already running high in the country…

A line was crossed, yesterday night. Yesterday was the 27th day of the nationwide uprising. Sadly, it was also the 1st day someone died in the uprising.

Pacifism vs. Violence

Historically, participation in rebellion is motivated by a collective good argument, such as the desire to change the oppressive or abusive social order. That is exactly what is happening in Lebanon, with the recent uprisings.

The country entered, 28 days ago, a state of civil resistance, people asking the corrupted state to step down, due to a down-spiraling economy impoverishing an already suffering middle-class. Out of frustration appeared the first riot participations. But what was admirable, until yesterday, is that protesters had managed to keep thing peaceful.

Some believe that the most effective tool for achieving political goals is violence. Maybe. Logically, no evil state is going to give up its autocratic power without a fight, and throughout history, there have been numerous examples of governments crushing their opposition.

Yet, besides all, the revolution had remained peaceful.

Today, the day “after”, all we can do is pray and hope that things will not fall into complete chaos. For this country to get back on its feet in a healthier way, there has to be wisdom. There has to be specific agendas trusted to the right people. Chaos cannot be the solution.

Let this be food for thoughts.




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