Tensions are still running high in Lebanon, literally one month after the uprisings started. Civilians have been protesting against the Lebanese government, trying to put an end to their bloodsucking corruption by asking all politicians to step down.

Strikes, roadblocks and tire fires have taken over the streets of various cities around the country, with protesters marching day and night, among which, quite a number of local celebrities and influencers…

Thanks to all the videos of the events that are flooding our social media feeds, we have all witnessed some of our highest profile celebs, like Nadine Nassib Njeim, Wissam Breidy and Wissam Hanna joining the protesters, marching at the front, using their celebrity for a good cause: make the voice of the people heard.

A number of them even stormed into Télé Liban’s headquarters when the protests started, condemning the fact the state-run television was not covering the uprisings rocking the country

Discover, in images, some of the most notable posts from Lebanon “high-profile” figures, as they fire up for their country…






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#ثورة #revolution #لبنان

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“For Beirut and all of Lebanon.” Those were the words Dana Hourani wrote in her Instagram post dedicated to the current situation in Lebanon. A post where her amazing rendition of the song “Li Beirut” by icon Fairuz, brought goosebumps to many.



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لبيروت ولكل لبنان #لبنان_ينتفض

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It is clear that the Lebanese celebs will not stand silent, as they choose to use their platforms to show their love for Lebanon.

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