It has been a very tough week for Lebanon. Over 3 months after the uprisings started, the country has seen protests decline in size in the past few weeks. However, this week, the unprecedented non-sectarian movement fueled up again, demanding an end to the months-long political vacuum.

Horrifying, the police violence on the streets, firing tear gas and charging demonstrators with batons and shields, or even randomly arresting press and reporters, has sparkled bigger protests around the country.

Debt-burdened Lebanon has been without a government since the resignation of Saad Hariri on October 29, with political parties failing to agree on the makeup of a new governing team, even after the designation of Hassan Diab as Prime Minister.

The liquidity crisis keeps growing, the cost of living keeps rising, and most people cannot even buy the basics to survive anymore. Without mentioning the many Lebanese who have lost their jobs or seen their salaries reduced by half. And without mentioning the constant humiliation people have to go through at banks, only to have access to their own money, that is sparingly dribbled to them.

All of this is unfortunately helping a wild parallel market to settle, giving even more power to mafia gangs that now control the cash flow. The country is quickly sliding towards collapse. Frustrations are at an all-time high, where is this heading to?

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