LIFE LEBANON: The rapidly deteriorating financial situation in Lebanon

Lebanese International Finance Executives (“LIFE”) has been closely monitoring the financial situation in Lebanon and is gravely concerned by its accelerating deterioration. Absent the formation of a new government that will ensure the quick implementation of a credible stabilisation plan with the support of the international community, Lebanon is entering a prolonged period of substantial financial instability and severe economic downturn. We hence call on the immediate formation of a government of non partisan experienced professionals that will initiate a comprehensive economic salvation program, in line with our white paper released on October 22nd, to restore confidence and initiate an economic turnaround. As always, LIFE stands ready to help Lebanon and its institutions. The LIFE Board

About Life Lebanon

Lebanese International Finance Executives (“LIFE”) is a worldwide non-profit organization of Lebanese professionals based in the diaspora. LIFE is a membership organization founded in 2009 with the aim of providing a platform to channel the influence of Lebanese professionals in finance and finance related fields in order to establish stronger bonds, nurture the next generations and promote Lebanon. LIFE operates through three pillars:

CONNECT: Establish stronger bonds among Lebanese finance executives

NURTURE: Help the next generation succeed through scholarships, mentorships and job placement support
PROMOTE: Act as the bridge between LIFE and Lebanon’s public and private sectors, channelling LIFE’s expertise and influence towards the development of the Lebanese economy.



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