Look half your age…I know a secret

Isn’t it the best feeling when someone is actually, really surprised when they know your real age?  And not in an ‘oh I need to act surprised in order to be polite’ way. Nope—they’re genuinely shocked and typically guess that you’re (at least) ten years younger.

It’s fascinating how older people sometimes have more energy than their younger friends. How do they do it? What’s the secret? Sure, genes may be at play here, but another fact is that they take exceptional care of themselves.

Diet. A healthy, balanced and sustainable diet makes all the difference. According to a close family friend in her late 50s (but looks 30ish), “I’d always struggled with weight. I had tried many different diets – most of which were crash or fad diets, and several times had lost a significant amount of weight, unfortunately, it was in an unsustainable way. Finally, when I approached weight loss from the standpoint of just eating healthier foods in smaller amounts, I began to see more permanent results.”

A good breakfast option is oatmeal, mixed with healthy fasts like ground flaxseed and/or peanut butter, a small portion of raisins or a half a banana, cinnamon, nutmeg, maca powder, collagen, and a quick pour of almond milk.

Some kind of salad is good for lunch. Featuring a base of spinach and some vegetables, tomatoes, beans or hard-boiled eggs for slow-burning carbs and healthy protein, diced apple, and then a little bit of cheese, a sprinkle of nuts (like pumpkin or sunflower) and a light layer of some kind of clean, organic dressing. Sounds good, no?

A homemade soup for dinner every night is a comforting and healthy ritual. A healthy soup can contain some kind of grain (brown rice, whole wheat pasta, barley), protein (lean-cut sausage or chicken) and a whole lot of veggies.

Overall, maintaining a diet with zero to no added or processed sugar, prioritizing organic non-processed options, selecting high-quality or plant-based proteins, incorporating some fruit and lots of vegetables, and eating natural sources of prebiotics and probiotics is the ultimate “beauty” diet.

And water! I know! Everyone says, drink water! It is so true! There’s a correlation between healthy glowing skin, and ample water intake.

In addition to all the aforementioned, having the skin of a porcelain doll requires attention. A really epic skincare routine—and staying out of the sun and approaching copious amounts of sunscreen are practically religion. Moisturizer and sunscreen are KEY! A paraben-free cleanser both morning and night and then a couple of times a week, exfoliate!

I truly believe that even if you follow all the above guidelines, you will look younger than you really are. But to truly feel young at heart, having a sense of purpose is crucial. Do what you love and follow your dreams.

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