Looking at the bright side of traffic

I once told my friends that being stuck in traffic is my ‘quiet’ time. They thought I was insane! But you think about it… It helps keep your sanity because when you don’t have any choice, you just succumb to the moment. When you get stuck in traffic, you can listen to music too. Studies show that meditating and listening to music are proven to effectively lessen our anxieties.  Even though I hardly meditate, music definitely keeps me sane during traffic. You can’t tell me you don’t become more patient during traffic. I mean, there’s nothing you can do, so you learn to wait.

You may also develop punctuality and open-mindedness – the traffic teaches you to manage your time correctly. Because it’s a terrible feeling to be late to your meetings, you tend to leave the house earlier. You may even meet other friendly neighbors stuck in the traffic jam near you.

But most importantly, sitting in traffic provides quiet time. Time to be by yourself, with your thoughts and your thoughts only. There are a lot of things that become clear to me, when I’m just left alone with my thoughts during traffic.

So next time, take advantage of the situation and change your train of thought. It’s how you see things after all. Stay positive!


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