Love is a battlefield… and sometimes it’s war

Oh Boy! Sometimes it’s war! The most important thing I’ve learned is never to sleep angry. Sometimes a little argument turns into a snowball and you end up fighting over anything, completely forgetting how it all began in the first place. So always settle your differences as soon as you feel like the argument is going to heat up.

I know… easier said than done.

My husband is the kind of man who needs his quiet time to cool down. If I approach him straight away when he is angry, I get nowhere. Give him an hour or so and it’s settled in no time. Each person is different. Me, on the other hand, I have ants in my pants. When I need to do something, I need it pronto. So if I’m upset, my husband knows that if he doesn’t approach me sooner than later, my ego only pushes me farther away and an upset day can turn into two and so on.

Love is a battlefield. However, if you know and respect your partner, everything can be settled before it gets out of hand. Know exactly what makes your partner’s limits tick because love is caring even when you’re angry and can’t stand him at that moment.

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