Make Your Eyes Pop

I don’t know if you agree, but I think the eyes are the most essential part of your makeup look. Here are the top 10 beauty tips to make your eyes pop!

1. Use blue eyeliner to make the whites of your eyes appear brighter.
2. Need eye drops but don’t want to ruin your makeup? Breathe air in through your nose as you drop them into your eyes. Your tear ducts will suck in the drops before they have a chance to fall down your face.
3. Use a flesh colored liner on the water rim of your lower lash line to make eyes look bigger and brighter.
4. Apply a shimmery champagne color in the inner corner of your eyes to brighten your whole face.
5. Apply highlighter onto your brow bone.
6. Swap out your neutral black or brown liner for a brightly colored one instead.
7. Apply concealer to your under-eye circles after foundation (not before) to better camouflage them.
8. Use eye shadow made for your eye color.
9. To correct eye makeup mistakes or sharpen a cat eye, dip a Q-tip in eye makeup remover and erase the offending makeup.
10. To make your eye color stand out, apply black liner around the entire eye, including the water line.

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