If indeed she’s the daughter of notorious Carlos Ghosn, Nadine has quite designed her own destiny. After graduating from prestigious Stanford University with a degree in Economics & Arts, young Nadine joined an internship program at French luxury house, Hermes, which introduced her to the world of luxury design. But it was during a holiday in Beirut, while visiting her mother, that she stepped into her destiny.


While looking to buy a piece of jewelry for her sister, she ended up in a conversation with the store owner, who happened to be a manufacturer, and got a glimpse of how craftsmanship had been neglected over the years. The young woman felt that with her social/networking skills and the manufacturer’s expertise, they could create a new brand with a twist. So she set her mind to learning all the strings of jewelry making and gemology, and finally got her first collection out. If she debuted online, very quickly, her line was picked up by famous Parisian boutique, Colette.


Being part of Generation Y, Nadine quickly developed her online presence, but also decided to build a solid brand, rather than inflate it and produce new item constantly. She was very carefully building an identity. Success followed, and more high-profile retailers bet on her. The young designer acknowledges that the market is increasingly crowded, and she hopes to take on new markets and collaborations with big names to expand. Without losing her own identity.


Her inspirations? Rulers, paper clips, pencils and Bic pens… The young lady is unbeatable at transforming those basic office objects into hip jewels. And it works, given that style icons like Beyoncé and late Karl Lagerfeld have been seen with her pieces. If Ghosn’s designs are not for the conservative ones, she definitely fits well a new market of women that are independent and humorous and understand pop culture.

Typically the kind of success story that we, at Mondanité, enjoy sharing. Let’s give edgy women a voice!


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