Meet the 6 Young Lebanese On Forbes ’30 Under 30′ List For 2019

It doesn’t take two people to tell you that the Middle East is buzzing with young talent and entrepreneurship that are promising to transform the diverse region into an economic hub for the future. Lebanese youth are advancing in all the fields; science, business, sports, arts, and culture to name a few. Forbes Middle East just released its latest ’30 Under 30′ list, and Lebanon has taken its fair share of the cut.

Meet the 6 Lebanese high-achievers whose innovation and ingenuity have earned them a shining spot on the 2019’s edition of Forbes Middle East 30 Under 30:
Ralph Masri is an award-winning jeweler. His style mixes the finesse of fine jewelry with the bold spirit of fashion artistry, creating statement pieces the likes of Katy Perry and Queen Rania enjoy!
Lebanese national Marwan Aboudib, who is based in Massachusetts, US, has whipped up a solid reputation in designing smart cities across the world.
Jawad Yousef Fares is a 27-year-old doctor, researcher, and scientist.
Audrey Nakad is a 27-year-old Lebanese entrepreneur who started an ever-growing company (Synkers) at the mere age of 25.
Charlie El Khoury is the co-founder and CEO of NAR, Next Automated Robot.
Stefano Fallaha, 20, is the Founder and CEO of Fallound, an app and software that connects to car navigation systems to aggregate and summarize perfectly-timed audio podcasts based on a user’s commute time and interests.

Congratulations to all! You make us proud!

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