Meet the Baby Born in the Back of an Uber

Birth is complicated, messy, and often doesn’t go to plan but there was nothing to prepare one mum who ended up giving birth in the back of an Uber.
Lara Cameron-Cole had five days until her due date when her waters broke while she was having dinner at home in New Cross, London. The 38-year-old, already mum to two boys, was advised to head to hospital as quickly as possible so her husband, Eniola, 38, called an Uber.
The couple bundled pretty quickly into the back of the car, but within minutes Lara could feel the baby’s head between her legs. Seconds later, her daughter was born without mum even having to push. “Already a mum-of-two so I thought I knew what to expect when I went into labor,” she said. “This time around it was so quick though. All in all, from my waters breaking to the baby arriving, it took about 10 minutes.”

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