Meghan Markle on Air Canada

Meghan Markle had taken a sneaky trip across the pond to her former home city of Toronto, to spend some quality time with her best friend Jessica Mulroney.
You would expect the Duchess to fly on a private jet to ensure optimum privacy. But according to inside reports, that wasn’t in fact the case. Meghan actually boarded a regular Air Canada flight. Royal Central, who spoke to an unnamed source aboard the plane, revealed that the Duchess wore all black in a bid to “blend in with passengers” and avoid drawing attention to herself. “She was dressed in skinny black jeans, a black cashmere sweater, black ballerina flats and a black baseball cap pulled down over her face,” the specialist royal website reported. “She had two secret service guys with her, but it was all very low key,” the source added. It has also been reported that Kensington Palace wrote to Air Canada prior to Meghan’s flight, requesting that nobody (passengers and staff included) take pictures with Meghan or approach her.

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