Mental Health During Crisis, What to Do?

There was a sign during the early days of the protests in October that read “the happiest depressed people you will ever meet” in reference to the Lebanese people, who have gone through so much over the years (and keep going through even more), yet have somehow been able to preserve their “joie de vivre”. As the days go on though, the “happiest” part of the statement seems to be diminishing as the mental health state of the Lebanese people declines. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), “Almost all people affected by emergencies will experience psychological distress, which for most people will improve over time.” The crisis won’t be getting better any time soon; hopelessness, anxiety, depression, fatigue, frustration, anger, and suicide is all around, so what can the Lebanese people do to help their mental health?

-Reaching out to others:

If you’re feeling vulnerable, talk to friends, family or support groups.

-Take care of yourself:

Find outlets that make you feel better, meditation, talking, napping, music, movies, exercise, whatever it may be.

-Take a break from the news:

Put your phone on airplane mode and turn off the TV, take a break from the negative news that seems to be following us around all day long. Even if it’s just for a couple of hours, this break will be a great opportunity for you to recharge YOUR batteries.

– Embrace Lebanon has a 24/7 hotline:

1564 that is open to all who those who might be having suicidal thoughts or need help.


If you’d like to volunteer with Embrace as a helpline operator, please email them at or if you’d like to donate, please click here.



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