MH370 families say official report offers no new information

A much and long-awaited report into the mysterious disappearance of MH370 gave no new clues about why the plane vanished, relatives of those on board the aircraft said, expressing anger and disappointment.
Family members had been hoping that the official investigation team’s report could provide them with some closure, over four years after the Malaysia Airlines flight carrying 239 people went missing. But grieving relatives said the technical document appeared to contain little new information and officials were unable to answer their questions.
No sign of the jet was found in a 120,000-square kilometer Indian Ocean search zone and the Australian-led hunt, the largest in aviation history, was suspended in January last year. There have been a host of theories about why the plane disappeared, ranging from an accident to a hijacking or even a terror plot.
The one new and significant piece of information in the report was that a surprise turn made by MH370, which saw it deviate from its route, was made manually. This pushes back against theories that the plane was somehow taken over remotely. Investigators, however, still do not have answers to the fundamental questions of how the plane disappeared, where it went, or why.

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