Moscow to get tallest skyscraper yet

Moscow officials have approved the construction of a new “supertall” building that will become the city’s tallest skyscraper. Measuring 404 meters (1,325 feet) in height, the as-yet-unnamed structure will join several other high-rise buildings in a commercial district known as Moscow City. “We’re at the end of the design stage, which should be finished by November 2018,” said architect Sergey Skuratov in an email interview. “Construction should begin in 2019.” Set to open in 2024, the skyscraper will tower above Moscow’s current tallest building, the 373-meter-tall (1,226 feet) Federation Tower, which is situated in the same district. The design consists of two main volumes. A lower, 12-story structure will occupy the entirety of the building’s narrow base — which has a width of just 32 meters (104 feet) — hosting a shopping center, office space and other commercial facilities. The district’s Federation Tower currently holds the title of Europe’s tallest completed skyscraper, an accolade that will soon be taken by St. Petersburg’s Lakhta Center, which is 462 meters tall and set to complete in 2019. Upon completion, the newly approved Moscow tower will become Europe’s second tallest building.

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