“Naharrouki” Special Edition: An-Nahar Salutes Lebanese Women


In honour of Lebanese women, the Lebanese daily newspaper “An-Nahar” published a special edition on Friday, and rebranded its name to “Naharrouki”. This change to the feminine Arabic version of An-Nahar is directed at all the Lebanese women who are making a change and consecrating the concept of equality. On the front page of the newspaper the Lebanese national anthem was published with the addition of the word “for women” to the sentence that had only referred to men to empower this generation.

The remaining pages of the paper consisted of images documenting the significant role of Lebanese women in society and how they’ve been a factor in defending the country and safeguarding its future as well as the social and cultural values ​​of Lebanon. This publication’s stunt has been acclaimed in the region from readers and social influencers.

Commenting on the move, Nayla Tueni, editor-in-chief of An-Nahar newspaper, expressed her pride in this campaign, which salutes Lebanese women and reiterates their right to equality through the newspaper edition “Naharrouki”.

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