Nicolas Mouawad Lands First Role in American Movie Playing Prophet Abraham

Lebanese Actor, Nicolas Mouawad, took to Instagram to share some exciting news. The actor we’ve grown to adore in Tele’et Roohy and Sabe’a Gar just announced that he was selected out of 17,000 actors to portray the life of Prophet Abraham in American Movie His Only Son.
Written and directed by David Helling, the movie sheds light on the prophet’s three-day journey to sacrifice his son after being called on by God. Helling is known for features as Christ Tempted, The Fall of Man and Prelude to the King.
The actor will be leaving to Los Angelos in June to film what might be his best career decision.
“I’m beyond thankful to God for always blessing me way more than I deserve, not only for giving me this one of a kind career opportunity, but as well for giving me the blessing of playing one of God’s best men in history, ABRAHAM, in a movie that talks about one of Abraham’s hardest struggles,’ Mouawad wrote on Instagram.

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