Normal Differences and Warning Signs of a Deteriorating Relationship

Why do relationships get into difficulties?
Having differences in a relationship is so very normal. In fact, if you don’t have some minor differences at least, it would be quite strange. Many things can create difficulties in relationship. From every day stress and pressure, to different goals and expectations, from lack of time to spend together or a complete lack of interest, from financial troubles to sexual difficulties, there’s always bound to be ‘something’. One thing is definite however. It’s always better to talk about them, rather than ignore them. All it takes is a bit of give and take.

What does conflict in a relationship indicate?
Frequent conflict and anger may indicate that all is not well, and change is needed to keep the relationship healthy.
The key questions are: – how can you manage not to hurt each other or your relationship when you argue? and                                                                                                                   – how can you learn from the conflict?
Avoiding conflict, or agreeing not to talk about the issue that caused the conflict, might provide short-term peace. However, it’s better to sort out important relationships issues.
Conflict is a symptom, if you patch things up without finding out what’s at the bottom of your differences, you’ll probably find yourselves in conflict again.

Warning signs of a relationship breakdown
Noticing early warning signs of relationship breakdown can help a couple resolve conflicts. Early warning signs include:
– you don’t do things together as much as before
– you have recurring arguments about the same issues that are never resolved
– you feel dissatisfied and unhappy
– you have sex less often, or it isn’t what it used to be
– one partner spends increasing time on interests and activities outside the relationship – there is a loss of warmth and friendliness in the relationship, one or both of you speak of no longer being in love
– you feel tired and less able to meet responsibilities at work and at home
– arguments about the children continue.

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