Oops! You’ve Been Saying Versace Wrong

Straight from the Versace Instagram page, comes the revelation that “it’s Versace not Versachee” With help from a slew of models (including Gigi Hadid) and Donatella Versace herself, the fashion brand captioned a video of several models and Donatella collectively schooling the world on how to properly pronounce the name. So there you have it! The video was released as a prelude to the Clans of Versace ad campaign for the Versace Fall/Winter 2018 collection. The campaign, features the longest-ever advertising image, which highlights a cast of fifty-four models who symbolize inclusivity, a key value for Artistic Director Dontatella. The 54 models in one image is a true representation of clans that embody everything Versace stands for – diversity and innovation in the fearless representation of what it means to be daring. “The longest Versace line up is made up of a mega mix of personalities – from super models to young new talent in looks that are all about confidence,” the brand explained in an Instagram caption. The Instagram launch of the new campaign, which began with the pronunciation video and broke the soon-to-be iconic photograph into 13, ‘Gram-friendly sections, culminated in a video of the “clans” coming together to form the Versace logo. “The Versace clans come together to form the Versace logo, using their bodies as a form of physical self-expression juxtaposed to the clothes that express their different personalities,” the company wrote. “Their unity through the strength of the name Versace is a resounding expression of inclusivity.” A wonderful manifestation Versachee… oops! Versace! (this may take a while)

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