Painting of Jesus remains untouched as 150-year-old church burns down

A 150-year-old church in Wakefield, Mass., was engulfed in flames after being struck by lightning during a storm. Miraculously, the one thing to survive the blaze was a large painting of Jesus.

The fire was first reported when members of the church were meeting inside. Everyone evacuated the burning building safely, but it took hours and more than 100 firefighters to tame the flames destroying the First Baptist Church. People from the community were reluctantly saying goodbye to the community landmark, built in 1872, as it burned to the ground, when one first responder emerged from the structure with a painting that was miraculously undamaged.

According to the Boston Globe, the painting of Jesus hadn’t been marked by fire, smoke, or water when it was found in the rubble. How it survived is a mystery. Or should we say, miracle.

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