Prince William’s adorable French nickname for Princess Charlotte

Royal watchers are convinced Prince William let his adorable nickname for Princess Charlotte slip after he used the unusual moniker in a new clip of the pair.
The disputed title was revealed in a video shared on William and Kate’s Instagram which shows Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis playing in their mothe’s Back To Nature garden at the Chelsea Flower Show.
The release marked the first time the famous family have voluntarily released such intimate moments of their children to the public.While most of the video is subtitled, an exchange between William and Charlotte is not, leaving many fans to believe the nickname used was ‘Mignonette’.
However others insisted the prince actually said something a little more straightforward – given that he isn’t known to be a French speaker.
The alternative phrase is William asking his daughter “Have you been on this yet?” in reference to the swing which acts as the garden’s centerpiece.

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