Priyanka Chopra’s Makeup Artist Spills All Her Beauty Secrets

Before Pati Dubroff was doing makeup for Priyanka Chopra, Amanda Seyfried and Eva Mendes, she was just a girl growing up in New Jersey who was infatuated with cosmetics. “I remember being 10 years old and completely obsessed,” Dubroff tells Refinery29. “I remember thinking, ‘I want to do this when I grow up’ — I just didn’t know what this was yet.”Fast forward to today and she’s part of an elite list of in-demand pros who work on the most famous faces in Hollywood.

Needless to say, after nearly three decades in the business, Dubroff has a wealth of beauty knowledge to share, but this time round, she shared the makeup beauty secrets she uses with Priyanka Chopra.

Skin First, Makeup Second

“No matter how long I get with a client, almost half the amount of time is spent prepping their skin… always. If the skin doesn’t look great, that complicated eye or bold lip won’t pop.”

Cream Over Powder — Always 

“After the skin care is finished, I work on evening out the skin and controlling oil. Normally, I’ll use a mattifying primer on the center of the face. I like to do this so I don’t have to load up on powder later. From there, I start blending foundations. I like to use at least two to three different shades and formulas with varying textures. This helps add dimension and a natural contour that looks real.

Blurred Lips Require A Specific Formula

“The density of the color is key when you create a blurred lip. Look for lipsticks that have texture that kind of look like powder in the tube. I like to pat on lipsticks with my fingers, blending the shades out to the edges. It’s the easiest way to create a strong lip without making it severe.”

Glitter Makes Everything Better

“For this year’s Met Gala, I wanted to complement the gold bodice and headpiece Priyanka would be wearing on the red carpet. So, I went over to the offices and created a custom glitter that brought out all the colors you otherwise wouldn’t notice in the gown. I was really inspired by these images I’d seen of a statue of this unidentified, ancient goddess. It was completely gold, but kind of cracked and weathered because it was this old, but beautiful, relic. I loved how imperfect and lived-in the texture of the gold was. That same sheen of tonal gold is what I wanted everywhere for Priyanka, from her eyes to her collarbone.”

Bold Eyes Go Great With Bold Lips

“If anyone’s face can handle color, it’s Priyanka. She definitely likes to play when it comes to her makeup. When appropriate, we’ll go there, like for the royal wedding. Since the ceremony was during the day, I used this pretty orchid shade on her eyes. The way I applied it made it appear a bit more soft and muted, but very feminine and floral, so her makeup wasn’t just this boring, natural look. You can’t not play with her lips and eyes. If I only play up the lips, her eyes are so naturally expressive they’re still a focal point — even if it’s just a clear gloss on the lid. She does like adding a glossy sheen on her eyes, whether it’s a clear gloss or something with shimmer. It’s the quickest way to add variety in textures to some makeup looks that feature monochromatic tones.”

There’s Only One Brow Master 

“Priyanka’s brows are definitely epic. I often defer to her to do them. Sometimes, she’ll ask me to do them, but I’ll usually give her the pencil or the brush because she just has a way with them that I stand back and marvel at. She really understands how the subtle alteration of the shape can change the whole mood of the face. I’ve learned a lot from her, about her face and her brows, by just watching. She’s really the only person I can think of that is so masterful with her own features because she’s learned a lot in India.”

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