Pushing The Boundaries Of Perfection With Manasseh’s “Wedding-List”

Since over a century, the Manasseh name is associated with French high standards of quality and  savoir-faire  in the domains of goldsmithing and fine cutlery, Crystal and porcelain making.

Founded in 1935 by Edouard Manasseh, the Manasseh Establishement covered the entire Lebanese territory, benefiting from the exclusive representation of the most prestigious luxury French brands such as Christofle, Bernardaud, Baccarat, Gien..

The rigorous and qualitative handling of our after sale service has always been associated to our high business standards. Our  Wedding list  services offers exclusive advantages and conditions to couple, putting at their disposal our unique know-How and unequaled expertise.

Besides the financial advantages that we offer to our  Wedding-list  clients (such as the possibility to recover in cash part of the of the deposited amount or even benefit from a non tarriff increase for a duration of 6 months) couples can benefit from a long term validity of their wedding list that can go beyond 4 years along with a lifetime discount on all their purchases.

Thanks to our online  Wedding-List  section available on our website, couples can consult their wedding-list deposits online and be informed by e-mail of their gifts as well as the names of their senders. This section also allow those who wish to offer a gift online to do so without having to go to the shop.


CHECK OUR WEBSITE: http://www.manasseh.com.lb/en/home


ON FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=manasseh%20lebanon

ON INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/manassehlebanon/


– KASLIK “Sarba Building 760” Tel: 09 640 778 – 09 640 019

– DOWNTOWN BEYROUTH Omar Daouk Street – Le Palladium Tel: 01 991 177 – 01 991 188 – ACHRAFIEH 270 Selim Bustros Street Tel: 01 218 555 – 03 493 555

– OUTLET – HOTELLERIE Achrafieh, Furn El Hayek Street Tel: 01 215 152 -03 568 555

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