Quiz: What is your sex style? Everyone’s got one!

1. Your go-to sex position is:

A. Dog style

B. Spooning

2. Do you enjoy BDSM?

A. Yes. I could teach a masterclass in rope bonding.

B. No I don’t.

3. Describe your perfect threesome scenario:

A. You’re alone and a sexy couple come up to you
B. You and your partner invite a perfect stranger into your bed.

4. Thoughts on dirty talk?

A. Sex without it is meaningless.
B. No thanks, I feel weird talking to my partner like that.

5. Thoughts on Public Displays of Affection?

A. It’s hot.

B. Some things should be private.

6. Do you chat with your friends about your sex lives over brunch?

A. Always.

B. Never.

7. How would you introduce sex toys to your relationship?

A. Take your partner shopping with you.
B. Wait for your partner to bring it up first.

8. If your partner found porn on your computer, how would you react?

A. No big deal.

B. Shock and horror.

9. Your partner says they want to try out role playing like you’re both strangers picking each other up in a bar. How hard do you commit?

A. I go all the way.

B.Can’t decide.

If you picked mostly As:

Congrats you’re kinky. You’re a sexual extrovert and you have no problem bringing up the kink convo first. Your partners are super grateful to have such a no-nonsense partner who enthusiastically dives into experimenting with new things.

If you picked mostly Bs:

You’re adventurous in bed too, but you prefer some coaxing to get out of your shell. You’re definitely down to get dirty, but prefer if your partner brings it up first. Your partners love that you’re someone who digs communication before diving into something new.

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