Quiz: Will He Be Great in Bed?

1- Do you trust him?

A. Completely 

B. LOL I don’t know       

2- You go over to his place. What’s the first thing you notice about his bedroom?

A. He has nicer bedding than you do               

B. What’s that smell?

3- Is he a good dancer?

A. Everyone loves his moves          

B. No, but who is?

4- Does he generally seem patient and confident?

A. The patient-est   

B. Ugh…              

5- Does he ever interrupt you?

A. Never 

B. Sometimes             

6- Is he ambitious?

A. Definitely             

B. It hasn’t come up yet

7- When you talk to him, does he hold eye contact?

A. Of course            

B. Not really

8- Is he a good kisser?

A. Absolutely                    

B. It’s nothing to write home about

9- If you disagree on something, does he try to convince you to change your mind?

A. Not really. But he is interested in why I disagree                          


10- Do you feel sexy when you’re with him?

A. A definite yes!                       

B. That’s a thing?

If you picked mostly A’s:

Congrats, he’s probably really great in bed! Lucky you! Not only does he seem super attentive and an overall pleasure to be around, but odds are he’s like that when it comes to sex too.

If you picked mostly B’s:

You can’t ever really tell until you do it, but the signs are pointing to “no.” Maybe he’s actually incredible at sex, but if someone has a tendency to talk over you and doesn’t make you feel sexy outside of the bedroom, how much time are you really willing to invest in order to find out?

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