RUMOR HAS IT… Zain from Labaki’s Capernaum from refugee to red carpet in Hollywood

Remember him ? He stole the hearts of all of us who saw him in Nadine Labaki’s film, “Capernaum”. Now 15, Zain Al Rafeea appeared a couple weeks ago on superstar Salma Hayek’s Instagram account where the actress had posted a picture of herself with the former Syrian refugee turned actor and co-star from the Eternals movie, Lia McHugh, with the caption: “Hanging with the Eternals’ youth.

While the info is still unclear, Zain has been seen recently in plenty of photos with the cast of The Eternals. If he is to play indeed in the movie, he’ll have quite big names as co-stars, such as Angelina Jolie or Richard Madden.

From growing up in the slums of Beirut as a refugee, to becoming a Hollywood star, what a journey in a very short time…

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