Shocking find in woman’s lung after suffering from chronic cough

A woman who visited a number of specialists to try to get to the bottom of what was causing her chronic cough has been told the cause was a pin in her lung.
Nazmiye Sakalloglu, from Karabuk Province on northern Turkey’s Black Sea coast, had been repeatedly told by doctors she was suffering from an allergy.

She went to see doctors in the country’s biggest city of Istanbul and the capital city of Ankara as well as the nearby cities of Karabuk and Cankiri without any joy.
Then she finally went to the Kastamonu State Hospital where an X-ray pinpointed the cause of her terrible cough: a three centimeter pin in her left lung.
Ms Sakalloglu then remembered losing a pin, which she had been holding between her teeth, while fastening a scarf two years earlier.
She suspected she must have swallowed it at the time and drank glasses of water in a bid to flush it through her system.
But it turned out the pin had gone down the wrong way, going down her windpipe and entering her left lung where it had remained ever since.
Surgeon Dr Tarik Yagci managed to remove the pin without the need for surgery by putting a tube down her throat and into her lung in a 90-minute bronchoscopy.
“I was holding two pins in my mouth while trying to fix my scarf and a third one was in my hand. Then I realized I had lost one,” Ms Sakalloglu said.

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