Simple ways to turn your meal into an aphrodisiac

Working aphrodisiacs into your regular meals is not so hard. If you are hoping things will heat up after dinner (or perhaps breakfast), just add one of the following ingredients… just don’t forget to be wearing that sexy lingerie under your outfit!

Add figs to a smoothie

Figs are packed with amino acids involved in the production of nitric oxide, which relaxes blood vessels and increases blood flow to sex organs. “It causes penile and clitoral erection, vaginal lubrication and other parts of the sexual cascade, from desire to orgasm,” says Meryl Rosofsky, MD and adjunct professor of Food Studies at New York University. Try a milk-banana-fig combo with honey for a double dose of aphrodisiacs.

Just add garlic

Whatever you’re making for lunch or dinner, just add garlic. It increases circulation via an enzyme called nitric oxide synthase, promoting more blood flow down there. Some people even consider garlic an erectile dysfunction remedy!

Walnuts in salads

Extra-steamy nights may be in store if you just toss some extra walnuts in your salad. They’re natural anti-depressants, keeping you in a good mood for good sex. A handful of walnuts, which contains more than 2,500 mg of omega-3s, is plenty.

Add chili peppers

Give a sexy upgrade to any meal by just adding chili peppers. They can turn up the heat in more ways than one, thanks to the compound capsaicin. It can produce effects that mimic sexual arousal, like a quickened pulse, better circulation, sweating and a release of endorphins, the feel-good chemicals associated with orgasms.

Honey for your honey

Considered “the nectar of Aphrodite” honey contains boron, which has a libido-enhancing effect. One study showed boron kicked women’s sex drive into overdrive and upped men’s testosterone levels. Guess the goddess of love was onto something! Combine equal parts honey, mustard and mayo for an easy honey-mustard dip, or drizzle honey right over his fingers.

Craving caviar?

The fish eggs can lend a hand in boosting your libido, providing an extra dose of energy thanks to its zinc and protein content. The amino acid L-arginine may also increase blood flow, which could have you feeling frisky. If caviar toast doesn’t sound filling enough, make a meal out of it by adding a spoonful atop a fluffy omelette on date night, or for a sensual breakfast-in-bed.

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