Singapore Building Wins World Building of The Year

Kampung Admiralty, a housing complex for senior citizens in Singapore has won the ‘World Building of the Year’ award at the World Architecture Festival (WAF) concluded in Amsterdam.

The building won over other fancy contenders, over a hundred of them, which included Russia’s World Cup Stadium, the Qatar National Library, and the UK’s recently redeveloped London Bridge Station. The building is an integration of public facilities, community space and over 100 apartments for the elderly.

Located in Singapore’s north, the mixed-use development is set across less than a hectare of space. In addition to closed-off residential areas, it offers a pedestrianized plaza, a public park, and a medical center equipped to carry out simple day surgery on site.

The building’s layered design is based on what its designer, local architecture firm WOHA, describes as a ‘club sandwich’ approach: While the structure appears to be an integrated whole, it, in fact, comprises a collection of different services across its various floors.

Divided into three strata — upper, middle and bottom — Kampung Admiralty contains 104 apartments for elderly residents, set across two 11-story-high blocks. Lower sections feature publicly-accessible areas including gardens, terraces and a so-called hawker center (a term used to describe Singapore’s open-air cooked food centers).

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