Single at Christmas

Being single at Christmas can be tough. You’re surrounded by loving couples gifting each other and every festive movie feels like emotional torture, but perhaps the biggest hurdle to overcome during this time of year is the questioning from the people around you. “Where’s that nice person you were seeing last Christmas?” “Don’t you WANT to get married?” “Perhaps you’re being too fussy…” “Why don’t you go out more often? You’re not going to find someone by sitting on the couch all day…”

The list is endless, and because of that, so many of the singles find surviving the festive season quite tough. But rather than locking up yourself with that leftover turkey, don’t wallow and fill your time. Grab the festive season with both hands, attend parties, see old friends, attend Christmas markets and invite other single friends over for dinner. Most importantly, feel good about yourself. You deserve it.

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