The idea came from Nadine Mokdessi, who, with the collaboration of Agenda Culturel and Silverdeer company, decided to connect artists with NGOs, in order to help those get a better visibility, especially in those very tough times. Indeed, when you associate Art to humanitarian action, you mix sensibilities coming from various horizons, and that reinforces the universal message of solidarity. Take a look at the first few posters that were created.

Ivan Debs X Birth & Beyond
Negib Kesrouani X IRAP
Alia Mouzannar X Les Restos du Coeur


Nouri Flayhan X Lebanese Food Bank
Ghida Younès X Les Orphelinats
Christel Saneh X AFEL
Yasmina Salamé X OUNSS
Eliane Bassil X Donner Sang Compter

In times of conflicts, basic human rights are at stake, and civilian protection is at the core. You can help and support those who are at the front-lines and bring them the courage and resilience they need, as they show us the way. Contact the above associations, and pitch in.


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