Solta, Croatia

Yes, there are more-developed, fancier neighbors, so Solta is sometimes overlooked… but it’s under-the-radar nature makes it all the more interesting. The stony islet has become synonymous with pristine nature (pebbly beaches, turquoise waters, lush greenery), medieval villages, winemaking (try the indigenous Dobričić variety), and family-run olive oil purveyors like Olynthia, a fourth-generation producer.

The jewel of the Adriatic Sea, Croatia is home to more than 1,200 islands, but travel between them has long been dictated by expensive yacht charters and sluggish public ferries. This is no longer the case now with UberBOAT.

The Island of &Solta is situated near Split, and, with only 9 nautical miles of distance and 6 ferry lines and 1 speedboat line per day during the season between them, it has become a must for a short detour. Turn away from the crowded roads leading to busy beaches and opt for ferry ride instead. In less than an hour, arrive at the destination with crystal clear sea, numerous pebble beaches not busy with bathers, and boasting realistic and affordable prices.

After watching the sun set at Maslinica bay, check out the island’s peppering of stylish beach clubs, seaside bars, and open-air restaurants, then drop your bags at the Heritage Hotel Martinis-Marchithis, built inside an 18th-century Venetian fort-castle and ideally situated for those who want to explore Solta’s ancient villages and crystal-clear bays.

To wind down in the afternoon, leave the beach tanned and calm and head over to one of the family-run farms and enjoy a glass of wine, drunk in the same place it is made in.

There’s plenty to do in Solta, so see you there!

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