St. Lucia should be on your list of ‘places to see’

Lush, unspoiled, thrilling and entertaining, St. Lucia has a growing fan base. And why wouldn’t it? When you can go for a casual drive and end up inside a volcano, a surreal experience is sure to please at La Soufrière, one of the most popular attractions in St. Lucia.

Slather your skin with the medicinal mud of Sulfur Springs for a DIY spa treatment, then continue on with your adventures with a guided hike of the two volcanic plugs known as the Pitons then climb Morne Fortune to take in the spectacular views.

Some of St. Lucia’s vacationers are music lovers, letting loose at the springtime St. Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival, or adrenaline junkies, testing their limits climbing the volcanoes, hopping aboard a Segway, horseback riding along the coast or zip lining through the region’s rainforest. Others are honeymooners, unwinding on one of the island’s white beaches… but even if you are none of the above, St. Lucia offers an unforgettable Caribbean vacation for all.

The best time to visit St. Lucia is between late spring and early summer months, as they offer the most moderate weather, and a big plus are the great room rates at the best hotels. The busiest and most expensive time to vacation is from December to April, the driest season.

The turquoise waters that surround the island of Saint Lucia offer a plethora of rejuvenating and restorative adventures to build the body, mind, and soul. Fishing, kayaking, scuba diving, sea trekking, snorkeling or simply floating atop some of the clearest waters in the world, make for an unforgettable holiday.

St. Lucia also boasts a rich history of cultures, from Amerindians to Africans to the French and British. So it’s no wonder St. Lucia has an enormous melting pot of cuisines. Of course, as an island, fresh seafood plays a central role. The island’s national dish, stewed saltfish with boiled green bananas, has a long history dating back to when salted cod was a staple for sailors on long voyages. It is prepared by stewing it with seasoning peppers and onions and is served with boiled, unripe bananas. You’ll find it on most menus across the island. Barbecued pork and chicken is also quite popular. Cocoa tea, made with local cocoa, spices and milk, is a standard breakfast drink, along with hot, deep-fried bread. Even though the island’s hotels serve wonderful cuisine, many tourists who ventured off property reported finding several delicious local eateries.

Whatever you decide to do in St. Lucia, please come back with great memories and stories to tell for years to come!


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