Stay warm on a cold, cold day

With this cold weather taking Lebanon by storm, the lucky ones are staying at home, but those of us who have to get up and go to work really need to dress to stay warm. So when you know that you are going to be outside for longer than 10 minutes, take these tips into consideration.

There’s a surprising amount of science that goes into the clothing we wear. Fabrics are made to either keep you warm or cool you down. This is how to dress to enhance the body’s natural ability to stay warm.


The most important advice: dress in layers. Three layers will keep you warm. A polyester or silk base which have the ability to wick the sweat away. A middle insulating layer, like weaters, sweatshirts, fleece; it should be snug but not tight. The outer layer is less about keeping you warm (the first two layers should be doing that) and more about blocking the wind and rain. If it’s not that windy and it’s not raining, a regular winter coat will be fine. But if you really want to stay warm, make your outer layer a wind- and waterproof shell, like a rain jacket.


Probably the most common misconception about dressing warm is that the layers should be tight. But space will keep you warm: a good-fitting wool sweater that creates a thin boundary layer of air between your skin and the environment. Your body heat will warm the boundary layer and the sweater will prevent the layer from being blown away from your body.

No wind

Even if it’s not that cold, the wind can make you miserable. Our warm bodies heat up a little layer of air around us, which helps insulate from the cold. Wind can blow the warm layer away. The best way to counter the wind is with a windproof outer layer, which keeps the warm layer of air next to our skin, where it should be.

Protect your extremeties

Wear hats, gloves and socks. The body loses most of its heat through whatever is exposed. Stay covered, and you’ll stay warm.

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